Makuleke concessie in Kruger in zeer goede staat voor wandelsafari's

Makuleke concessie in Kruger in zeer goede staat voor wandelsafari's

Makuleke concessie in zeer goede staat voor wandelsafari 

Rhodes Bezuidenhout van Shagani Trails is zeer positief over de Makuleke concessie in Kruger.

Reedbuck vlei Makuleke KrugerReedbuck vlei, a wetland birding paradise!! Photo: Shangani Trails

Ik sprak hem daar vorige week over.

With below average annual rainfall levels having been recorded from 2017- 2020 resulting in very tough, dry environmental conditions for the Makuleke Concession where, ironically, the prevailing problematic factor was lack of food rather than the scarcity of water, the abundant rainfall of early 2021 (with over 1000mm being recorded) has seen the Concession recover dramatically.
The high water levels saw the Limpopo River break its banks in early 2021 bringing welcome relief to the adjoining floodplains filling pans, many of which had been dry since 2016, and depositing nourishing levels of silt on the open floodplain grasslands. The Luvuvhu River, in turn, rose to extremely high levels threatening to break its banks but thankfully receding after the forced evacuation of Pafuri Camp Lodge as a precautionary measure. 

Vanaf 1 april organiseert Shangani Trails meerdaagse wandelingen in dit gebied. In onze voorbeeldreizen zijn deze opgenomen, bijv. in deze  rondreis van 3 weken. 

De vooruitzichten zijn goed volgens Rhodes.

With the major pans and wetlands still full and the grass cover everywhere in the Concession still abundant in late December 2021, the outlook for the Makuleke and the 2022 Trails season is indeed a positive one at this time.

wandelsafari olifant in fever tree forestOlifanten tijdens een wandeling met Shangani Trails - op gepaste afstand blijven!!

olifanten fever tree forestze netjes laten passeren

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